Dachshund Dog Placemat


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2 in stock

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Our brightly coloured Dachshund Dog placemats make a statement on any table setting. The high gloss finish makes them easy to clean and add that extra sparkle.

Measure 20 x 26cm

Coasters to match

Made from responsibly sourced FSC certified board and recycled wood from sawmills.

Board is ongoing recyclable. No rare woods are used in the manufacturing process.

Please note this is for 1 placemat

Coatings are produced using low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and produce no VOCs.

The board is manufactured without the use of phthalates or formaldehyde

Manufacturing processes are compliant with ANSI 135.4 and ANSI 135.5

Board is compliant with Eco-Certified Composites (ECC) Sustainability Standard CPA ECC 4-11

Certified with Eco-certified Composite Grade mark Programme


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