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A phone call, whilst on holiday, from a friend who had lost a home for one of her puppies started my love for Scotties. We hadn’t even thought about owning a dog, the kids were young, and we had enough on our plate without having a puppy running around. I’m not sure to this day if we were just in the ‘holiday mood’ or mad but in September 2008 we agreed to bring a Scottish terrier puppy called Hector into our lives – it was the best decision we ever made. Hector was nicknamed ‘Hex’ and ‘Hector the comedy dog’. He had a great character, was loyal to his family and made us laugh everyday tripping over his long nose and rushing around on his short legs, any Scottish Terrier owner will know where I am coming from.

Hector was a big part of the family and everyone who met him instantly fell in love with him. Sadly in 2017 we lost Hector after a long battle to cancer.  Heartbroken doesn’t really explain the feelings you have when you lose a dog, only dog owners understand that this love is like losing a member of the family.

Jump forward 3 years and I go to a painting party in a pub! Having never held a paintbrush before in my life I went for the fun and glass of wine. To my surprise I enjoyed the lesson and bought myself a canvas and paints. Not being an ‘artist’, I thought I would give it a go and ended up painting a picture of ‘Hector’ for my husband for his birthday. ‘Hector’ the original painting was created!

I had secretly been looking for another Scottie puppy and joined a couple of Facebook pages where I had found an amazing  community of Scottie lovers. I felt a bit like a fraud not having a Scottish Terrier at the time and posted a photo of my painting – it went viral, hence the start of The Hector Company.

The Original Hector

Me (Theresa) & Hector

Theresa Mercer

Our Reggie

Theresa Mercer – All about me


I was born in the market town of Leighton Buzzard, famous for the Great Train Robbery. Schooled in Leighton Buzzard and followed a career in Human Resources and charitable work. I’m happily married with 2 children, both of which have flown the nest now (well kind of) giving me a little more time for The Hector Company.

I guess I must explain that The Hector Company is something that has just ‘happened’. I had no intentions of starting a business but I’m so glad I have. I love that I have broadened my skill set, made friends, got my art in countries across the world and above all have an amazing following of dog lovers.

Our new Scottish Terrier puppy Reggie joined the family in June 2020.

Theresa Mercer